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I want to make my own VCDs. I tried to capture a movie with my Matrox Marvel G400 at 352*288 PAL mjpeg compressed .AVI using AVI_IO I got two avi (about 2 giga each)files which I joined in the Adobe Premiere's 5.1c timeline. I tried to compress the files in VCD format with the Xing Premiere plugin. At the end of the compression I get an error message:

"not enough room is user supplied MPEG data structure to accept encoded data"

Why is that? How can I get rid of this error?

If you check the Xing Forum at you'll find out that many users had the same problem and Xing doesn't give a sh... They din't provide any valid answer so far.

Xing works fine in Premiere only if you do not edit the avi file at all and if you keep the file size below the 2 gigs limit. How can I go over this limit? The plugin neither won't accept AVI_IO joined files nor edited files.

I burnt the encoded VCD mpg files on an HP CD-RW and my SONY set top Box DVD Player plays Panasonic encoded files only if recorded on this support provided that you don't use the natural image settings before encoding. Is there a way to use the panasonic plugin at best (natural image settings) while maintaining VCD players compatibility?

By the way, the only burning software which works for me is Win on CD 3.7 PE.

-- Francesco (, March 29, 2000


Sorry to say you have the wrong encoder program/plugin, try the Panasonic premier plugin, as an experienced 5.1c user I can say you will find that gives great results provided you do not resize during the encode. Pity your email is limited for size.

You say about 2G's for each file, hope its actually less in each case, when I was doing analogue with AV_IO I set a maximum of 2000M to keep below the input/output limit for an individual file on the timeline of premiere. If your not editing the files by adding titles transitions etc then you could simply feed the files captured in AV_IO into bbMPEG and use the option to batch the input files into one output file and you would not even have to use premiere, provided the files are less than 2G each.

-- Ross McL (, March 30, 2000.


thanks for your reply. Of course my files are below the 2GB limit. I regularly use AVI_IO and I get 2 AVI files for about 1 hr of movie running time in pal VCD format. I tried to use the Panasonic plugin v. 2.1 with premiere 5.1c. The problem is that if I join the two AVI files on the timeline and then I encode them with the Panasonic plugin I have troubles with the final version of my VCD. I burnt it with Win on CD (Nero does not recognize MPEG files encoded with Panasonic) on a CD-RW for maximum compatibility with standalone dvd players. It works fine on my PC, but on the standalone SONY DVD player, the picture starts to blink on the screen as soon as the DVD player starts reading the second AVI file that I joined on the premiere timeline.

It's a pity because the first part of the movie works fine also on the standalone DVD player.

This issue forces me to use the standalone version of the panasonic encoder instead of the plugin and then to join the mpeg files with Ifilm edit.

Any suggestions?

-- Francesco Muratori (, March 31, 2000.


Gee its amazing how we all have different problems using the same software.

Nero - what version are you using, my works fine with Panasonic and the problem you get in the joints is the same as I was getting when joining mpegs externally to Premiere. I could not use the files beyond the first joint as they always stopped during playing at that point.

So the process your using I cannot, and what I have done with Premiere 5.1c, you cannot. Amazing world!

bbMPEG will join avi's but that requires a render from the timeline first, or the use of un edited original captures from AV_IO.

Sorry no answers at all.

-- Ross McL (, April 02, 2000.


-- diyan (, April 24, 2001.

Como hago para pasar de formato dvd a MPG4

-- Servio Rios (, May 08, 2001.

Francesco, Im a professional 3d animator and digital artist, i've tried some of the top 10 SOFTWARE BASED mpeg encoder like TMPGEnc(Tsunami Encoder), cinemacraft Encoder SP, Panasonic encoder, LSX Encoder, MEGApeg, VCD Cutter and Xing Encoder in MPEG1 or VCD compatible mpeg 352x240 29.97fps. And my choice is the Tsunami(TMPGEnc)@, and its close competitor CINEMACRAFT encoder. The problem of cinemacraft in encoding mpeg1 format, some of the authoring programs did'nt recognized the mpeg1 file which i created in cinemacraft, the encoder Perfect only in MPEG2 Encoding(DVD compliant). So, my best choice is the TMPGEnc(TSUNAMI) for Software based VCD compliant. Tsunami Encoder has much sharper & crispier video in VCD format than CINEMACRAFT. Please visit this site for more information.

-- Zarry Odimouz (, August 26, 2001.


-- zzz (, December 28, 2001.

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