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A little while ago there was some discussion of nikkor lenses and the difficulty of getting info from Nikon on their actual specifications.

As I use and like very much my Nikkor sw f8 and would probably go for other Nikkor lenses, I phoned Nikon (Canada). It was after hours, but I got their brochure line. I asked for info on their large format lenses and 6 days later got a nice brochuire covering all of their LF lenses, with element diagrams, specs etc. Then, this aftwernoon I got a call from someone at Nikon who dealt with LF sales asking if I had received it and did I need more details.

So, the info is out there! I wonder if Nikon USA can find it.

Tim A

-- Tim Atherton (, March 28, 2000


I got a booklet w/ the same info (specs, lens element diagrams) with the purchase of my Nikkor 300M in Japan. However, the booklet still omits the info I want to know, namely the MTF's. In practice, the 300M isn't as sharp as the German f5.6 plasmats but for $450 and 250 gms, what do you expect.

-- James Chow (, March 28, 2000.

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