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Last night I tuned into the oscars hoping that perhaps Casey went....I thought...perhaps they will show Ben and Casey will be with him...I realized after watching the whole thing that Ben and Casey were not there...that I know of. Plus I was wondering if anyone has pictures of casey that You may have found from magazines or that were taken by meeting him in person....I think I have almost every pic of him that you can find of Casey on the web...but I am not fully satisfied with my small scrapbook. ~Vicki~

-- Vicki Jensen (, March 27, 2000


I didn't see Casey at the Oscars either. What a bummer, eh? For your info. theres a cute little picture of Casey in the April issue of Cosmo. K-- Later! *Me*

-- *Me* (, March 28, 2000.

Dear Vicki, I don't believe that Casey was at the Oscars. However, I do know that Ben and Matt (Damon) both were at the Vanity Fair party afterwards. Also - you might want to check some of the magazines that have featured Ben - he's been in People and Premiere very recently, they usually have some pics of Casey too. As for Casey at the Oscars, guess we'll just have to wait for him and his "breakout role" so to speak, and he'll be winning one! Hope your scrapbook grows!

-Ms. Elizabeth

-- Elizabeth (, April 06, 2000.

Ah don't worry I shall have a gorgeous scrapbook and I am going to buy some magazines with Casey...I just bought one and it has him on the cover and three pages of him....YEY

-- Vicki Jensen (, April 07, 2000.

Vicki, which magazine are you talking about with Casey on the cover??

-- India Vaniski (, April 07, 2000.

The Improper Bostonian

-- Vicki Jensen (, April 07, 2000.

Well, where do you buy that magazine at?

-- India Vaniski (, April 08, 2000.

at a supermarket...on one of the magazine stands ^_^; heh...:::sigh::: I love Casey!

-- Vicki Jensen (, April 09, 2000.

Vicki, what state do you live in?

-- India Vaniski (, April 09, 2000.

yeah, i looked for it at tower and couldn't find it.

-- Susi-Q (, April 09, 2000.

I live in New Jersey....OOOO today my friend at school said she was looking through her magazines that are from '97 and she pulled out a magazine page and it had a big picture (half of the page) of him and a description about him underneath and I love it!! He is sooooo was a pic from Good will hunting. I am going to hang it up in my room hee hee.

-- Vicki Jensen (, April 10, 2000.

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