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On Postershop4.5 Pro, Printing to a HP3500CP, using Rexam Magic Semiglossphoto 54" paper,using Jetdirect TCP/IP,Why will on a multi panel job, that say panel one prints at the correct length, but the other panels print about a quarter inch short? Especially doing re-print jobs, using the same ONX file, the panel that printed correctly, now prints short? The HP3500CP has the starwheel upgrade kit installed. Actually, when supposed to print at 110", panel one prints at 109.75", and the other panels print at 109.5". Some kind of shrinkage?

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2000


Most inkjets on the market today are only accurate to about +/- 3/8" at about 90" so your variation is not unusual. As the supply roll gets lighter this variation will change. Many printers can do better than this spec but check your manual, you are probably within specifications. I believe the spec for your machine is about +/-.2% of the panel length. I'm forced to turn off my power takeup spool in order to get better results in length (ColorSpan XII).

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2000

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