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Someone already asked this question but there hasn't been a good answer yet. For Lab#8, part E, where we are supposed to make a table with the theoretical E(lumo)-E(homo), the manual says to use table 1 and apply "B"... what is B? What are the corresponding pages in our text for this question? The closest thing I could find was ch 14 pg651 table...the C2 bond dissociation energy of 620kJ/ that even related somehow?. Could someone please answer this as soon as possible?.

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2000


The bond energy of 1 mole of C=C is 620kJ ==> the bond energy of 1 particle of C=C = 620/(6.02*10^23) = 1.03*10^(-21)kJ = 1.03*10^(-18)J= 2B ==> B = 5.15*10^(-19)J maximum wavelength are in nanometer, so I think we need to convert it to meter, this value of B makes sense. I hope this is correct.

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2000

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