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I have currently uploaded some files to the ftp site relating to the class project to help keep everyone on the same level:

constants.txt This is an ascii text file which contains a list of some constant structures. It was decided to store common constants as global variables into these structures. The structures will be initialized in the main procedure. Use these variable names for the constants so we can be sure that everyone is using the same values.

These are subject to change as the code develops so feel free to post any comments/ concerns about these structures.

hdr.txt This is an ascii text file which contains an example comment header for the code functions. This is to help everyone with having good comments in the code.

state.doc This is a MS Word document which contains the elements of the state vector. This will also be initialized in the main routine.

A "shell" main routine is in the works, to be coming out soon.


-- Patrick Shriver (, March 27, 2000

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