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Mikell Platt has posted an interesting description of a relay race he ran last weekend. It makes for inspiring reading for OK relay runners (and others). The report is on Swampfox's diary (the March 26th entry) at:

Here is a small piece of what Mikell wrote (an interesting description of how he was thinking during his leg):

With 2 controls taken, now I feel more confident and start to run faster. The next leg is longer and somewhere in the middle of it I become aware of another runner a bit in front of me who I guess is also on my course and who is moving well and seemed to be doing all the right things. From there we're together for a lot of controls and gradually a little group of runners forms up, running in a loose string. It's not so hard to keep up but the pace is fast enough that trying to move up--much less run away from the group altogether would be pretty tough and would mean taking some risks with fewer glances at the map. In several places I can try to take the initiative and take slightly different micro route choices, but it doesn't seem to matter and at each control it always looks like the same group is together.

-- Michael (, March 27, 2000

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