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Hello Again I hope someone can offer some advice in regards to the way my MRC2000 is operating,or maybe I'm expecting too much from this unit. After connecting the unit to my layout with the MRC power pack I ran the factory installed decoder loco (Trainline FA1) on throttle #3. It ran very slow and was able to complete my layout at full throttle. The light worked ok. I tried to re-program the loco to throttle #2 and back to throttle #3, which worked ok. I did this in advanced mode. I then put a standard loco on the track and used throttle #1. This loco is an Athearn GP60. As per the instructions the unit hummed and when the throttle was moved the humming was reduced. The light was very bright in the loco. The speed of the engine was very disappointing...Slower that loco #3. It did run in forward and reverse. I know the way this GP60 runs and it was no where near the way it should be. It also completed the layout at full throttle which includes a grade and a number of turnouts. When you set the start voltage, acceleration and deceleration should the slide controls be at the bottom, top or somewhere in between? Is it possible the GP60 ran this way because it does not have a decoder in it? The Trailine loco is the only one I have of this brand so I have nothing to compare it to. In the instructions, to set the start voltage, acceleration and deceleration it is not very clear. I would also like to know if the MRC decoders are 2 function units only to run with the command unit...1 for the lights and 1 for some other type of accessory? If this is correct, what other accessory can this unit control? Are there any other 2 function decoders avaiable? I'm hoping this problem can be fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Van Joncas (, March 27, 2000


Van, I can't answer all your questions but I may be able to help with some.

Regarding speed, I'm guessing but I would try another power supply and/or use a multimeter to measure track voltage and amps.

Bright lights on analogs are typical.

I suggest you set start, acceleration and deacceleration at minimums (bottom of the slide) and then fiddle with those as you become more comfortable with the system.

I have heard from a knowlegable source, but not confirmed, that a second function is available on the MRC decoders. If there is, you will need to program it with someone else's more advanced DCC system - the MRC can't program a second function. Most people use a second function for effects like a mars light or beacon. Richmond Controls makes some excellent special effects lighting products. Also the Digitrax decoders, which of course work with MRC, have built in lighting effects available but again the MRC can't program those effects.

Check out comments on the MRC and other systems at http://www.ttx- I own a MRC and Digitrax and think those reviews are fair and helpful. Best Regards - Greg Smith

-- Greg Smith (, April 02, 2000.

You are correct that the non-decoder equipped loco is slower. I don't know why. But if you install a decoder in it you'll see a BIG difference. Also I've discovered that if you TRULY want to operate a non-decoder equipped loco, stick to a normal power pack, even though it works on the MRC system. Save a lot of grief that way. (mine has cooked Athearn motors before) Had I known at the time what I was getting into, I'd damn well spent the extra money and gone with the NCE system. It can doSO much more.


-- Dave Poor (, April 20, 2000.

check this out

-- ken cooper (, May 07, 2004.

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