Konica TC body with film advance quirk

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I have and use Konica AR equipment regularily, and have noticed that both of my TC bodies have a quirk. When using a 50mm f/1.7 and 28mm f/3.5 lens (both Hexanon) a quirk occurs when advancing the film. With the camera set at 1/60 or 1/125 second and the aperture set at either f/8 or f/11, I advance the film and fire the shutter. on advancing the film again, when I release the wind-on lever, it automatically trips the shutter. This odd tripping of the shutter happens precisely every other time I advance the film, and only seems to happen with the two lenses described above. Does anyone have an idea why this happens? Is it the camera body that causes this, or the lens?

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2000


RE: Konica TC body with film advance quirk

Thomas, I have had the same experience when using some accessories such as third-party extension tubes. Usually it occurs when the bearing race for the stop-down lever on the lens or accessory needs lubing or the bearings are pretty shot. Also, at one time, I had the same symptoms using an FS-1 with a lens that had a (very) slightly bent stop-down lever. Additionally, my T-3 developed similar symptoms when using a f/3.2 135mm. I erroneously attributed the problem to the lens, but subsequently discovered that the stop-down mechanism in the camera body was at fault. When I had the body overhauled, the tech told me that a small plastic bumper that determined the end of the travel had worn out, causing the lens to stop-down and stick and the shutter to seem to skip. The main damage that can occur in situations like these is to the mirror mechanism and the shutter timing mechanism. Or, additionally, the shutter may jam altogether (ouch!). These are a few things that could be causing your problem. Check each to the best of your ability, as repair is costly, especially when it isn't neccessary.

Jon from Deepinaharta, Georgia

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2000

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