kodak ektar 101mm f4.5 lense in supermatic 800 shutter

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I'm interested in using my super speed graphic for medium format work. Can I use the 101mm ektar on my 4x5 camera? Is this a copal 0 lense? I've heard that this lense is unusually sharp. Is this the case? I'll need to use a roll film back of course, and film flattness seems to be a major issue. I've read that the Singer-Graphlex roll film backs maintain good film flatness because they use rollers and a lever.Is this true?


-- jon miller (jmill@cybertime.net), March 26, 2000


This one covers 6x9 at most.

-- Kah Heng (kahheng@pacific.net.sg), March 27, 2000.

Silly me Jon. I didn't read that you wanted to use it for med-format work.

WRT the Graflex roll film backs, its true that the lever wound ones hold the film flatter than the knob wound ones.

Good luck!

-- Kah Heng (kahheng@pacific.net.sg), March 27, 2000.

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