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Wanted to see what interest there is in a Large Format Club somewhere along the Front Range of Colorado. It is great to read these posts and get certain problems rectified or questions answered, but there is nothing quite like the personal interaction associated with others that share the same commitment to quality photographic work.

Comments or suggestions are very much welcomed.

-- Michael Kadillak (, March 26, 2000


I'd be interested in a place/time where I can exchange ideas with other Large Format Photographers!!!



-- Bert Quijalvo (, March 28, 2000.


I don't recall hearing of any large format clubs along Colroado's front range, but if you want to e-mail me I have a flyer from the Colorado Council of Camera Clubs and I'll be happy to fax it to you. I'm also membership chairman of ASMP/Colorado. ASMP has monthly meetings in the metro area and it is also a good social org. You may also want to visit the website at Not really any large format stuff on that site though.

-- Jim Blecha (, March 28, 2000.

This has been an alt photo mail list but everyone here uses large format cameras due to the nature of the process requiring contact printing.:

We gather informally, when ever there is time for those to have new images in different processes to share. Our last meeting was in Niwot about one month ago. If you ever wanted to see more than modern process stuff this is the place to be. We do view stuff in modern process as well but if you show up expect to have your thinking changed by the images you see.

Sounds like a challenge?

-- KenWatson (, April 01, 2000.

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