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March 31, April 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 & 22
The Story of Jesus is entering its 11th season with 8 performances beginning April 9th, 1999. Last year, a crowd of nearly 16,000 thrilled to the excitement and splendor of this most spectacular and moving re-enactment of the birth, life, death, and glorious resurrection and our Lord Jesus Christ. Why do thousands of people migrate to the small community of Wauchula, Florida just to watch a play?

"... came wise men from the east to Jerusalem"

The reasons are numerous. Perhaps its the elaborate 300 foot-long set that reaches heights of 25 feet and looks like an authentic piece of the Holy Land. Maybe it's the speeding chariots, incredible special effects, dozens of animals (including camels), or lines of Roman Soldiers on horseback. Some say it's the authentic and beautiful costuming, not to mention, the lighting effects, excellent sound, flying angels or the hugh Galilean fishing boat.

"Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne,
and unto the Lamb"

What ever the reason so many people come ... and they come from all over the state, and even outside the state ... they leave having truly been blessed to see one of the most professional stage productions ever done by a group of amateurs. Some leave smiling, some quietly, others in tears having witnessed the simple reality of Jesus' work, the horror of his death, and the overwhelming victory of his resurrection and ascension.

"... and led him away to crucify him"

Spectators are delighted to see the down to earth, very believable depiction of the life and death of Jesus Christ. Lacking, is the religious formality that often keeps the figure of Christ, and the people of His day, emotionally distant from the audience. What one does find, however, is the dusty ground and lusty odors; the Palestinian flavor. The raw emotion of feeling of Jesus draw the audience emotionally into the story. "YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE REALLY THERE"!

Kings came to pay homage

The remarkable success and personal impact of the play can be attributed to three things:

  • First of all, the quality of the overall production. Although almost every piece of scenery and scrap of costuming has been made at the hands of regular people, there is a notable and evident commitment towards excellence in every area. Preparations take 6 to 8 months. Every detail is important.
  • A second reason is the commitment of those involved on every level. The majority of the cast and crew are from the sponsoring organization (The Lords Church, in Wauchula, Florida). However, people from any church or any town are urged to get involved in the Play - and many have. A high level of dedication is necessary. Total an hours are countless, some even participants even take their vacations during play season, so they can help with the production or be in the cast. Names of the cast members are not made public, in order to add to the believability of the production.
  • The last reason, and most important of all, are the thousands of people who pray to a God who is so good to have blessed and helped ordinary people do extraordinary things. Without him, this play would only be a dream.

  • "... seven angels which stood before God;
    and to them were given seven trumpets"

    TICKETS are available at $5, $8 & $10 each by calling the Story of Jesus Ticket Line at (941)773-4465

    Performances usually sell out, so those interested are urged to make reservations now !!!

    1262 West Main Street, Wauchula, Fla. 33873
    (863) 773-4465 or (863) 773-4214

    -- Anonymous, March 26, 2000



    This seems much like the 'Passion Play' given every ten years in Oberammergau in Germany.

    My oldest son (I have four) and his wife have a young girl from Germany living with them for the school year, and I'm hoping that when she returns home, she'll invite us to visit so we can see it.

    She was not a Christian when she arrived last fall, but is a glowing one now. She did not know about the 'Passion Play' until I told her about it, and she also wants to see it now.

    Interesting article and I wish I could do what you do with the 'whistles and bells' of presenting your postings. It's something else I have to learn! (So much to do, and so little time!)

    -- Anonymous, March 27, 2000

    I have had to opportunity to witness this passion play, along with the one offered in Lake Wales that is presented by many of the folks from the one in Germany. Add to that numerous other passion plays staged by a variety of local congregations, theatres, etc.

    Of all of these, I would recomend this one as the best! I can honestly say that I have never seen a presentation that is basically staged by a single congregaton (though I'm sure they have some help) that is as technical, emotional, and biblical as this one.

    I live in Pennsylvania. But if I lived anywhere in Florida, I would take my family, friends, and anyone else I could drag to see this. If I lived close enough to make a weekend of it, I would.

    Maybe we'll have to plan some vacation time around this time next year! It would certainly be worth it.

    Darrell H Combs

    -- Anonymous, March 27, 2000


    Are you invited to the hog-hunt in May in Florida? ;-) ;-)

    -- Anonymous, March 27, 2000

    We had a very impressive one man play this past Sunday by Wallace M. Powell entitled, "Simon of Cyrene." Mr. Powell (in costume) played Simon, a Jewish man from the coast of north Africa, and described how he came to be in Jerusalem that day and his experience carrying the cross. Very moving and (no occultic reference intended) spellbinding. If you want to book this guy for your own church, you won't regret it. Email me and I'll pass the message to him.

    -- Anonymous, March 27, 2000

    I am always welcome at Danny's Father-Son Hog Hunt, as I am sure is every other Father who is interested. Seats are limited though, and my missionary salary affords me little room to spare for such luxuries. I have been told that it is a hoot, though.

    -- Anonymous, March 28, 2000

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