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OK, so I got M. Pack to create files that Toast can supposedly turn into functioning VCDs. I know to use Quicktime files and not MPEG files to feed to M. Pack. I've tried using different codecs on the audio and video, and I've tried using uncompressed 44/16 audio as well. I simply cannot get Toast to produce a listenable VCD. I'm using a Yamaha 4416SX writer and a Power Mac 6500/275. The video stutters as well, on VCD tracks encoded with sound. Two silent clips I burned worked fine.

Is there any way to get non-garbled audio/video out of M. Pack and Toast? If there is, I missed it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

-- Erroneous Monk (, March 26, 2000


Not sure if this is the answer -- But I've always been told that you should burn these burn these things at 2x speed -- NOT 4x speed. That's supposed to make a world of difference. Let us know if that helped.

-- James (, March 26, 2000.

Were it only so simple. I got these garbage results at 2x. I'd have used 1x off the bat, but I can't burn CD-RW at 1x, and my DVD player won't read CD-R. CD-RW works just fine, though.

Thanks, though.

-- Erroneous Monk (, March 27, 2000.

I have had trouble with audio using m.pack... When I encode and Multiplex at the same time. Now, I encode first, then I go back and multiplex. That gave me decent audio, which plays fine on mac / windows. I still get the audio stutter on my dvd player, though.

-- Eric Leuschen (, March 31, 2000.

Get the Heuris's MPEG-1 Power Professional for $500. I've tried it and it works on my G3 Mac. You can buy it at Don't get the $99 MPEG Export Engine .. That won't allow you to make VCDs.

-- Jerry (, April 25, 2000.

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