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What is the meaning of 'The Wake-Up Bomb' on NAIHF? Someone told me it was about Liam Gallagher and how much of a bastard he is, is this true, or is it just about waking up with a hangover?

-- Mark (, March 26, 2000


No this song is not about Liam Gallagher. Its about the club scene that Michael used to visit in his youth. Just a night club song really. Listen to the lyrics and maybe you can pick up on this.

-- Adrian Garvey (, April 09, 2000.

I think I have the answer! Wake up bomb isn't about Liam Gallacher, but the song "Beetlebum" (by Blur) is having a go at Liam because he always used to insult Damon (Blur lead singer)Albarn's girlfriend Justine (singer in the band Elastica). Oasis always try to copy the Beatles, so the title is a reference to this. Now, think about it: If you're not listening properly, "Beetlebum" sounds like "Wake up bomb"! So that's it (Maybe)!

-- Rob Fraser (, June 18, 2000.

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