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casey sux as an actor. and by the way, to all of you lovelorn teenage girls, rumor has it that he is not into women at all. i hear he likes dogs.

-- dee s. nuts (nutso@harvard.edu.com), March 25, 2000


back again?

-- Susi-Q (Pensivefix@aol.com), March 26, 2000.

I know that you have chronic mental problems but this site was finally becoming decent without talk of homosexuality and beastility. I think *me* and stacy were achually turning this place around but obviously people like you are going to pop up every so often to rant and rave about your sexual problems. Im just really sorry to see it.

-- messie J. (messiejessi@cs.com), March 27, 2000.

True that girl! *Me*

-- *Me* (WSUgal78@excite.com), March 27, 2000.

I think that was just about the sweetest thing I ever heard. And to dees nuts, you don't have to take out your homo erotic behavior on the room. I know your brain cannot function for very long, so I will make this quick. Leave your tiny brain and your tiny dick at home and let us have some fun otherwise you will find your self being judge just as hard as you are judging. thanks and have a good day stacey

-- Stacey Cassetta (anastacia258@yahoo.com), March 27, 2000.

well said, ladies.

-- Susi-Q (Pensivefix@aol.com), March 27, 2000.

nice job stacy. I couldn't have said it better myself.

-- sonia (luvs841@excite.com), March 30, 2000.

y'all lucky i was in the penn. i will kick all your jealous asses mofuckers. beeatch!

-- dee s. nuts (nutso@OssiningCF.com), November 08, 2000.

hey there, welcome back

-- Susi-Q (Pensivefix@aol.com), November 13, 2000.

Dogs, bitches, bitches, dogs... Don't let the terminology these days befuddle you. Dees labs will treat you just fine. And that 'a' is a long vowel, amicae et amici. See how easy it is to misread idle gossip? I can verify that Casey does love canines, but I think he was talking teeth. Cave canem.

-- right (home@yermuff.com), November 19, 2000.

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