Easy CD Creator Deluxe 4.0 good?

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Is this the best software to use to burn VCD's? Can it co-exist with other CD-R software? What about NTI...is it better? Thanks In Advance

-- Cale Ferguson (5150@onramp.net), March 25, 2000


NTI and adpatec can co exist on your pc with no problems. Both a very good programs for burning. NTI has the advantage in that it will allow you to make a highrate video cd, while adaptec does not. Adaptec however will sometimes allow you to do a vcd as a disc at once so if you have different chapters or whatever it will play smoothly betwwen them, It will not freeze for a second before playing the next file. HOWEVER that method does not always work!!!

-- Doug (mazinz@aol.com), March 25, 2000.

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