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I have purchased an MRC2000 with power supply and a walk around throttle and would like to instal this unit on my layout. The problem is I have one part of the layout that may be a reverse loop but I'm not sure. This part could best be described as an oval inside another oval. They both share a section of track which acts as the mainline. This mainline has an Atlas turnout at each end which routes the train to either the outer or inner oval. Is this a reverse loop? If it is I intend to use the MRC auto-reverse unit. Can this unit control the polarity on both turnouts, or do I need two of these units. I also have a number of DPDT (center off) switches that control my block sections. I'm told I can run DCC with these switches all thrown to one position so that power is supplied to all tracks. Is this corrcet or should I remove them and run a buss line and use feeders to the block sections? I have 17 turnouts all with remote control switching using under the table Atlas switch machines. Should these be remove and changed to manual ground throws for the turnouts. One last question for now if I may. The layout is on a 4x8 and I'm wondreing if I need a booster with the MRC2000 at this time or will it run everything ok? The switch machines have their own power supply. The layout presently uses 2 MRC 2500 cab controls. This turned out to be quite a question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Van

-- Van Joncas (, March 24, 2000


Van, from your description I would say that you do not have a reverse loop. Another indicator is that the presence of a reverse loop must be handled with conventional DC cab control (what you have now) too. So if your DC system works OK without any special switching then DCC will also work.

The MRC 2000 can be connected in place of one of the cabs you have now and all block switches set to it all the time. Then you can run your whole layout on DCC. I would suggest that you leave the block switches in place, at least for now. They will make trouble shooting a lot easier if you get a short circuit. Just turn off one at a time until the short goes away. The you know where to look for the problem.

Also, the capacity of your command station is based on how many locos you have ont he track at one time, not on how much track you have. Depending on the make of locos, you should be able to run 3 to 5 or maybe more, with your MRC2000. Different makes have different motors and they consume different amounts of power. For example you can probaby run 2 Kato diesels for every 1 Athern.

There is no need to change you switch machines from remote to manual. They are separte from your track power so there is no diference whether you use DC or DCC.

Hope this helps.

Dale Gloer

-- Dale Gloer (, March 24, 2000.

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