Exam 3 Date

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I have heard rumors about the test being moved to Tuesday the 28th. Is this true or not? If so, it is quite an unfair move but if not, hey, never mind!

-- Anonymous, March 24, 2000


During last Tuesday's class, the subject of the Chm104-X3 date was brought up and briefly discussed. There has been no change from the published schedule, and there is no point to any further discussion of this particular subject.

Regrettably, perhaps, sometimes in life one encounters more than one stressful demand per day. The final X is probably another such occasion. I wished I could tell you that stress will be less later on in your professional lives. Unfortunately, I have no evidence justifying such an assertion.

On a related note: This BB is open for chemistry Q&A!

-- Anonymous, March 24, 2000

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