What AVI codec to cap with before MPG1 Encoding?

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Hi guys-- got a fairly primitve setup to play with, and trying to make the best of it. Here's the dirt on it:

P 200 MMX 48 Meg Ram STB TV/PCI TV Card 16 Gig Storage Panasonic Ecoder various Video Editing/Capturing Software

Now here's the question: What is the best AVI codec to use to capture video I'm planning on editing and encoding to MPEG1 for VCD use? Thanks!


-- Murph (beepblip@hotmail.com), March 23, 2000


pick one that doesn't do any compression. A raw capture is the best since it is going to be compressed when you encode it to mpg

-- Al McCraw (amccraw@ix.netcom.com), March 24, 2000.

Yes raw but it eats up your HDD space fast. I would say use codecs that came with your capture card. Either way one limiting factor will be your P200 MMX.

-- EMartinez (epmartinez@yahoo.com), March 25, 2000.

I would say get the Ulead MJPEG video codec. Make sure your settings are at 24-bit. Configure the codec for it to be at it's highest quality. Make sure you capture at RGB24 and not YUV2. Then after you capture it use virtualdub and then use the DivX 5.0.2 codec to compress it again with a 2-pass basis at the highest quality. After you finish doing that then convert it to mpeg-1 and walah! You have a very good quality VCD.

-- Martin Rodriguez (airfro2003@yahoo.com), October 28, 2002.

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