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Hi folks,

I need your inputs on buying CD burner software. My primary interest is to burn VCD and make Audio CD from my old albums, tapes, etc.

I already have WinOnCD 3.6 and Adaptec easy CD creator 3.5. They are both bundled software from CD-R/RW writers.


Do you recommened me to upgrade to their latest versions? Do I gain much?

If I should, what product I should go for? I only have budget for one 8-( I see Provantage is selling EZ CD creater for $76. Not sure where to get WinOnCD but it probably will cost more than $100... What is your recommendation and latest experience with them?

Thanks for your input.


-- Steve Leung (, March 23, 2000


I do not have so much experience with Adaptec. But Win On CD was my big helper in my quest to make VCD at home with my VHS stuff on to be played on my Pioneer 525. Now I have switched to Apple and I will get ZipCD with Adaptec bundle so I will find out but, looking at two posibilities from Win On CD which is Photo Album on VCD to be played on DVD and posibility of dragging MP3 file and record it again as digital audio for your car CD is WinOnCD's competitive advantage over Adaptec so far in my opinion. Regards. Marek

-- Marek Malinowski (, March 24, 2000.

Get WinOnCD 3.7 Power edition; if it has bugs I so far have not encountered any, unlike Easy CD 4 which was unstable from day one.

-- EMartinez (, March 25, 2000.

I am not very sure about the Video CD but for converting MP3 to CD-A and to equalize the source and record try the NERO burning ROM too


-- Ravi radhakrishnan (, May 19, 2001.

i want the cd key for win on cd 3.7 cd-recording software for windows

-- tarek adnan (, July 07, 2001.

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