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Hi folks,

I have trouble making VCD with Dazzle DVC USB and WinOnCD 3.6. When I play it back on my desktop, I hear the audio part (bad quality thou) but no image(blue screen). I get error when playing it (the .dat file) back with I-ON VCD player software also.

I captured the video (about 1 minute) from Dazzle using the Video CD configuration. The mpg file is about 4.5M. Then I use WinOnCD to burn the CD-RW. Specificly I selected the VCD mode, and dragged the mpg file over. WinOnCD created a dat file "Avseq01.dat" under Mpegav.

I know my desktop can read CD-RW fine. I tried to play a CD-RW copied from a commercial VCD movie with Adaptec copy CD duplicator software. It plays fine.

Any idea what my problem(s) may be? Any pointers?



-- Steve Leung (, March 23, 2000


If you captured about 1 minute the file size should be around 10 megs. Unless you capturing video only and not audio. Both Audio and Video capture for VCD should be 10 megs per minute. The specs for VCD is Video 352 X 240 Audio 44.1 khz 224 kbits/sec Video Bitrate 1150000 bits/sec CBR (constant bitrate)

-- Robert Benchik (, August 15, 2000.

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