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Dear Prof. Schroder, As a concerned student it is my understanding that we have to study Ch.11 independently, but my concern is what part of chapter are we responsible for. Is it just the galvnic cell till section 11.5 or is there more? In addition to ch.11 ch.15 is also included in our last mid-term. In ch.15 there is reaction rates, rate laws, integrated rate law reaction mechanism, etc. But how much of reaction rates are we supposed to know. Because we wanted to cover quantum mechanics and I am lost as to how much of each section will be covered before our next exam. Okat, regarding the exam date. Yes, it is true that bio11 students has a hard time dealing with two exams but if the exam is moved to april 11 i think everyone will be satisfied. But then again it is upto Prof.Schroder, all we can do as students is kindly ask for extensions. Pleas let us know as soon as possible the dates so we can prepare ourselves accordingly. Your kind help would help me better my performance in the upcoming exam. Have a great day!! Thank you, Atom J. Stanislaus

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2000

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