Picture show on VCD can be make with Win onCD 3.7 PE How can I do it with my iMac and Toast

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New Power Edition from Cequadrat has function called Photo Album on VCD playable on DVD. I manage to burn few VCD with WinOnCD capturing with Python from Videonics but quality was low. Now I am iMac user, I am getting Iomega ZipCd with Adaptec stuff and I am very interested in having my HQ family pictures on home burn VCD to be played in DVD player. Does anyone has experience with putting stills into MPEG1, and doing this type of VCD with Toast. Thanks. Regards

-- Marek Malinowski (marek.malinowski@skanska.pl), March 23, 2000


http://www.macplus.net/news/technique/msgtechnique00/41126 .shtml

-- (lisa@mac.com), March 19, 2002.

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