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Hello Again,

Thanks to those who responded to my problem. Here is more information. 1) I recorded a short video clip from vhs in mpeg-1 format using the all in wonder and it's included software. I used the settings from Rich a's website.

2) Both adaptec ez-cd and nero refused to accept it for video cd due to it not being encoded properly.

3) I ran the clip through i film edit 1.4 that I downloaded as it was suggested that this might give the clip it's needed encoding. No luck, both nero and ez-cd rejected it.

4) Ran the original clip through xing encoder set for video cd. ( I also downloaded this as a trial) Both the nero and ez-cd accepted the clip for video cd and burned the cd. I don't know if it made any difference but I used a cdrw due to the mounting scrap pile of cd's.

5) Tried to play the cd using the ati video cd player. Got the message "mmsystem 296 file cannot be played....may be corrupt or wrong format. Tried to play the cd using xing video cd player, got the same message. Also I am now getting the old resmngr "program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" quite a bit now.

I am now out of ideas.


-- Rob (, March 22, 2000


Rob, Hello, I will just give a tips in how to convert VHS to VCD form. Well, we have almost the same PC configuration. You can make VCD by direct capture mpeg1 with ATI card using default setting as mentioned Rich website but the quality not so good. What I do is capture it in VCR2 mode (352x240) as avi files the I used LSX encoder V.3 to make mpeg1 VCD ready files.Usually I capture the clips for 30 mins the once I encoded it to LSX, I just joined them mpeg together using Dos Command et al. COPY /B CAPTURE1.MPG+CAPTURE2.MPG FINISHED.MPG. This Avi capture procedure is very time consuming than direct capture mpeg1 but if you want quality VCDs ,30mins(1.6 gigs approx) clips it will take you 1 = hr to encode to LSX .Another 230 mins to burned to cdr.Note use 2x in burning cdr dont use 3x or 4x even your Cdwriter capable of this speed. I used winoncd V.3.7 but sometimes I use EasyCD deluxe V.4 it works also. Try this procedure and your life will never be the same again. Try this procedure and let me know

-- Ismael (, March 22, 2000.

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