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I think it would be helpful if, when you put "up dated" under a catogory on the home page, you could put the date that it was up dated. I wait for page to load only to find I have seen current contents. A example is local rider pics.

Just an idea, Rocket

-- wally (, March 22, 2000


Ya Wally, you tell him...(haha)We all want to see more pictures...not just me...who reads anyways ? I look at the pictures ! Here is another idea Mr.Web Guy..... make a note on the bike that is For Sale, that the mud has been removed....doesnt look to good trying to sell it looking like it has never been washed! The photo was taken after winning the trophies seen in the picture. P.S. Dave you are doing a great job...for a 1 man team......

-- Sandy (, March 22, 2000.

you guys are to much !! LOL the good thing is I cant get fired from this web job !!! because im the only one willing to listin to every one complain !! just kidding ! I love meeting new people and the whole sport of motocross. Wally that is a great idea and I am going to start to use it ! as for Sandy ! I cant beleave she is asking so much money for a DIRTY bike like that ! hee hee Im just busting you chops !!! I cant wait for next sunday !

-- Dave Daylor (, March 23, 2000.

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