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I'd like to start a discussion or "thread" about CD rom mapping systems. > >I've climbed about 160 of the 300 (or 315) peaks on the list. To find these, I've >purchased about 30 - 40 7 1/2 minute maps from Tucson Map & Flag. Even with the >SAHC discount, they cost about $4 each. > >I've looked into CD Rom state wide systems. I've tried out Delorme WA State CD's >and didn't like it. > >Anyone interested in this subject should check out They sell a >product if $120 for the whole state of AZ. Even better they have a "Comparable >Products" section on their home page. This will lead you to all kinds of companies >offering CD Rom mapping products. > >I talked to the people at Tucson Map and Flag in February. They sell a MapTech >product which costs about $500 for the whole state of AZ. > >I'd like to get some feedback from SAHC people who have actually purchased a product >and find out how it works for them. > >Pete

-- Peter Bengtson (, March 22, 2000


Have you talked to Bob Cardell? He has used a CD Mapping system that he likes.

-- Evie Cohen (, April 29, 2000.

I own the Maptech Regional Series which covers both Arizona and New Mexico. At the time it cost me approximately $150. I have since upgraded the software to 5.01 and the enhanced elevation data set for $50. You might want to check again with Tucson Maps and Flags (where I bought mine) about the pricing. Perhaps they were quoting you Terrain Professional. If so, it is not neccessarily needed for most hikers.

I consider Maptech the best value currently in the market. Its interface is easy to use, has many features, and displays highly detailed maps (it uses USGS 7.5). Version 5.01 includes 3D rendering and further GPS support. There are some areas that I still think need improvement (more flexible save capabilities and track manipulation), but it still is my first choice. I also own Topo!'s Yosemite CD and have tried out Garmin's Mapsource and Delorme TopoUSA.

I am currently working on a project using Maptech's track function to map all of the trails in the Rincon and Catalinas. I would say that I am 3/4 of the way finished, however I would like to have members of the SAHC community review my work since there are many discrepancies between my sources (Rainbow Expedition maps, Pete's "Catalina Guide...", Pusch Ridge Map, National Geographic Park maps, Forest Service website, etc.). If you have suggestions how review could be facilitated among club members, please email me. By creating these tracks, my hope is to allow members to see elevation profiles, trail distances, load waypoints into GPS units, or visualize information using 3D images.

-- Kent LaPorte (, May 21, 2001.

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