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Hi there, Please excuse my poor wrotten English...

I got a CD disc labeled as Video CD. This disc contains Audio Tracks (.cda) files also which play properly in my sound system. The CD was manufactured in UK and dated 1988. I don't know if this date is copyright or production date.

Anyway , I place the Cd in my Computer CD Drive and the Window Explorer lists the audio tracks only. The Video track is missing.

Has anybody out there experienced similar problem? Any solution?

-- Roberto Maureira (, March 22, 2000


Roberto, the VideoCD standard dates from 1993, so if your CD is from 1988 it can't be what is known as a VideoCD. Maybe you have an hybrid data CD?

-- Matias (, March 22, 2000.

What you got is probably not video cd but CD video or CDV. This type of cd can only be played on LD players bearing the CDV logo.

-- Daniel Lee (, March 23, 2000.

i have the same problem... a gold colored disc dated 1987 with 'cd video' + 3 audio tracks. the audio tracks play flawlessly, but i have not been able to open or read any other part of the filesystem with the nearly half dozen utilities i've tried. i've watched the video once (i brought it into a sears with me and played it on a laserdisc player when no one was looking).

to everyone else: is there no way to play this disc on my pc? thanks - will

-- will (, March 30, 2000.

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