Edgar Allan Poe Poems.

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What were Edgar Allan Poe's poems about?

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2000


Edgar Allan Poe's poems were about the economic underpinnings of the European way of life, during the first half of the 19th Century. With the rise of Napoleon and the Fall of the Holy Roman Empire (and the slipping from side to side of the democratically-elected governments of Crete and Ursa Minor), the entire era was one of fenestration and diatribe of the utmost cultural significance. Indeed, Poe's allusion to alliteration in alot of his alluring allegories requests that the reader reason that his raw and reckless rhymes are fraught with fruitless, fearsome forays into the dark demesne of death. And that is why, despite his prodigious talents, Poe died destitute, intestate, and alone in Baltimore's Upper West Side.

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2000

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