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Well, I read your answer to the girl who asked what you look for in a girl. You said that one who would not ask that. Well then I guess you look for a direct type. For all of the people who are going to ream me out for this what the hell do I have to loose. Casey, Why don't you date someone who you talk to online. I would like to ask you out for a date the next time you are in the NY area...Don't worry I am not expecting a response (one would be nice though) you have my email address, use it if you want to, otherwise, thanks. Besides I lost nothing for asking sweet dreams stacey:-)

-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 21, 2000


Stacey~ I don't mean to sound rude- but, do you really think that that submission was actually from Casey Affleck?? I don't think so hun. I don't mean to burst your bubble-- face it, all of us would like to have a date with him. But don't waste your time replying to those idiots who think it is funny to "reply" using Casey's name. Because there is a 99% chance that it is just somebody yanking your chain. Have you looked at the rest of the postings on this site?? There are several "replies" that are supposedly from 'Casey Affleck'- and they all have different email addresses. So, be careful- and don't believe everything you read. Just a suggestion. Have a good day. *Me*

-- *Me* (, March 23, 2000.

I realize the different sides of this spectrum, but haven't you ever done anything kooky just to know you did it and you gave it the college go...I thought it would be fun, did I think anything would come out of it, 99% of me thought no. What did I lose by trying, nothing, I lost no selfrespect, nothing. If anything I am proud of my self for being able to do something like this, i bit a bullet. Yes a small one with little chance of out come, but for me that is a start. Thank you for the concern though, it was nice. have a good weekend stacey

-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 23, 2000.

Okay.. I was just warning you. There are alot of psychos and idiots on these websites that think that impersonating celebrities is fun. So, don't be surprised if one of those people emails you and tries messing with your head. You have a good weekend too! -- By the way, I am moving to NY next year sometime. Any suggestions for apartment (areas) near the NYC area-- that don't cost an arm and a leg?? I know the closer I am to NYC the more expensive it will be-- but I really want to live there, and I will probably have a good job, because I will be graduating college in the fall. Let me know if you could. Thanks. Later! *Me*

-- *Me* (, March 23, 2000.

Hoboken is an awesome place to live and if you want to live in the NJ and in the city there is the east village. Rent is high in each, but central jersey is only a half hour from the city , I live there and my rent is only 500 a month, Talk to ya later. Stacey

-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 23, 2000.

no.. i want to live in new york city.. or as absolutely close as possible. but, i wrote those places you told me down-- thanks. okey dokey.. another question--- have you ever gotten a reply from the casey fan letter address? just wondering. k.. later!! **me**

-- *me* (, March 24, 2000.

No I have not gotten anything back as of yet.. Oh, your welcome on the place that could work on the city topic. I don't know where you are from or where you live right now so I cannot really tell you cool places to live...I don't know if you mind loud or not, but I lived in the city for a while, now in a small city outside because, I could not take the noice. The city and the noise never sleep so if you get a tough job, I don't recomend that you live there. It is fun at first but it grew old on me.


-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 25, 2000.

I don't mind loud-- I am going to one of the biggest "Party Universities" in the U.S. right now. I am used to noise-- lots of noise. :) My job will be something in the Criminal Justice field- maybe law enforcement/etc.--- so I am sure I will be up at all hours of the night. Anyways, bummer about not getting anything from that address. That sucks. Okay, have a great weekend. Later. **Me**

-- **me** (, March 25, 2000.

stacey and **me**, just wanted to let you both know that you seem like the most sane people on here. good luck to both of you. **me**, hope nyc works out for you. that's a place i've always wanted to live for a while..

-- Susi-Q (, March 25, 2000.

Well thanks! Yeah, I like to think of myself as pretty sane. I am sure some of my friends would say different though. :) hehe! Anyways, yah, I hope the NYC thing works out too. It seems like a fun place to be. I am thinking about visiting there this summer sometime-- to kind of see what it is like before I move there, you know? Alright, well.. I better get ready for work. (I work at Baskin Robbins-- YIPEEE!) haha! Have a good weekend girls. Later! **me**

-- *me* (, March 25, 2000.

Susie thanks for the compliment, but I am less than sane right now. I am just at the begining of law school and this is my only fun, I am going crazy. Anyway, ME you have never been to the city?? Well don't be a cop b/c right now everyone hates them. Unwarented but true. The upper east side and the east village are both good places to look but you most likely won't find anything under 1500. Brooklyn heights are beautiful, not in the city, but only minutes safe area and cheap rent. talk to you all later stacey

-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 25, 2000.

Wow, law school huh? Fun. Yah, I am a Criminal Justice major right now. I will be done in the Fall. I can't wait to get the hell out of school. I am not sure what I want to do. I know ultimately I want to work Federally- but until then, I have to get some policing under my belt. If I do some policing- it won't be in NYC. It would be in an outlying area probably. I don't know. I have also thought about working for CPS or something (Child Protective Services), because I have a minor in Sociology too. Who knows. Well, thanks for the suggestions on places to live. I am sure I will find something. I sure as hell don't want some cockroach infested PIT or something. But I don't want anything completely ELABORATE to start off with either. You know? And, I am hoping to be as close to NYC as possible- but I suppose it doesn't have to be directly in the city. Hey, there's a cute picture of Casey in the April Cosmo. :) Just thought I would let you know. It's just a small photo-- but it's cute. Okay, well.. Gotta' go. **Later!** *me*

-- *me* (, March 27, 2000.

wow, you two are doing some serious stuff. i commend you both. law school has got to be crazy. while we're on the subject of moving places though, just thought i'd share that i'm thinking about moving to seattle next fall, for six months to a year. i think a change would be really good for me. have either of you seen desert blue? do you know what it's about? is it on video yet or anything? i hadn't heard of it when it came out..later, girls!

-- Susi-Q (, March 27, 2000.

I have not heard anything about desert blue. Sorry. Settle is where my cousin and now one of my friends live. I hear it is beautiful, but you cannot mind rain. Highest suicide rate there, rain induces depression, who knew. What did you go to school for and why only for a year? I lived in LA for a while and I am slowly working my way back there. That is where my heart is. It is always sunny and people always nice, and the ocean is breathtaking. I miss it now so I am going to go cry. see ya darlins have a great night stacey

-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 27, 2000.

Desert Blue is a decent movie. I just saw it last weekend. Yes, it is out on video. It has Christina Ricci, Casey Affleck, Sarah Gilbert, and a few other actors/actresses that I have seen before- but I can't remember their names for the life of me! It's an okay movie- kinda' cute. I mean, it's not GREAT, but it's not horrible either. Casey is adorable- as always. But he isn't the main focus of the movie either, so you have to be able to just enjoy him when you see him. He's in the movie a pretty good amount though, but he doesn't have the lead role. If you are bored this weekend, rent it and tell me what you think. Okay girls.. Gotta' head off to my Soc.364 class. Later! *Me*

-- *me* (, March 28, 2000.

PS!!!! I live 4 hours away from Seattle (in Pullman, WA). I am not from Seattle, but have been there alot- considering my hometown (Spokane) is only about 4 hours away from there too. It's very green and plush- but still a very busy city as well. It's great there! *Me*

-- *Me* (, March 28, 2000.

stacey, re: the school thing, actually i'm finishing my last year of highschool. i grew up in Austria, and therefore was in kindergarten an extra year (to have a full understanding of german before first grade) so i'm a year behind. which really bites right now, because i am so sick of school. so basically, i'm taking next year off, and since housing here is ridiculously expensive, and i'd like to go somewhere (eventually, back to europe, to backpack/live/what have you) i figured seattle would be fun. i work for starbucks, so i could just transfer stores, and my sister and brother in-law live in the seattle area so i wouldn't be COMPLETELY without acquaintances. as far as what i want to do for college, i know that after next year i'm going to a local school for the first two years and then transferring, god knows where. :) but i really don't know what to major in or anything. i'm very much into the arts/english/writing, but i can't think of any occupation in that area that i would enjoy AND be able to make a living off, next year is my thinking year. :) oh, and i have visited seattle once and i liked it alot. besides, a band (which doesn't exist anymore: the posies) that i really like, were from there, so it can't be too bad right? (jk) *me*, thanks for the info on desert blue. i'll have to watch it sometime, just out of curiousity and also, because i'd like to see casey acting as many roles as possible, to have an acurate idea of his skill. so far, i have not been disappointed AT ALL. so i doubt i will be any time soon. talk soon!

P.S. i just saw race the sun! i really liked it!! sweet movie.

-- Susi-Q (, March 28, 2000.

P.P.S. by the way if i do move to seattle, i plan on many a road trips into CA. any suggestions of where to go? besides LA, obviously..

-- Susi-Q (, March 28, 2000.

Susie- You won't be disappointed in the movie. It's a pretty good movie. It moves kind of slowly, (which is why I said to watch it when you are bored- not when you have a bunch of friends with you)- but it has a good storyline- and good actors (especially Casey, OF COURSE). I have yet to be disappointed in any role that I have seen Casey in. I think my all time favorite role would have to be when he played 'Morgan' in Good Will Hunting. But he was great in 200 Cigarettes too. Anyways, I should get going. Good to hear from you. *Me*

-- *Me* (, March 28, 2000.

thanks, *me*, i will definitely watch it. good to know the setting i should watch it in though. besides all my friends talk during movies, so i'd probably watch it alone anyway. (want to be able to focus, you know. but to both of you, have you seen drowning mona? if so, what'd you think? (i saw it for the second time tonight. i love it.) later, friends. Susi

-- Susi-Q (, March 28, 2000.

OOOO I love Drowning Mona. I have seen it about 5 or 7 times...i lost count. But I have to see Casey every day. I watch one of his movies everyday...or at least look at a lot of pictures if I don't have time for a movie to watch. I think he did really really good in that movie and he was a main character so he recieved a lot of screen space!! YEYEYEY I can't wait to actually buy Drowning Mona. I want all his movies. I saw race the sun when I was about 13 or something and I didn't know who that hot guy was but I kept checking him out!! But now I know who he is and I take every opportunity to see him!! yey!!

-- Vicki Jensen (, March 29, 2000.

Yes, I saw "Drowning Mona." It was hilarious! I love that movie. I want to see it again, but haven't had the time yet. Sorry so short, but I have to head off to class now. Have a good day! **Me**

-- *Me* (, March 29, 2000.

vicki, you seem really sweet, but i would like to give you a word of precaution from personal experience. be careful about falling for celebrities. it's the most hopeless place to be, and as far as my experience only ends in bitter disappointment. trust me, i totally learned the hard way a few years ago. also, it can so easily consume so much of your time that you miss out on the things that are going on in your life right now. and at some point you might really regret that. just a kindly-meant suggestion from one who knows. but you'll have to figure all that out for yourself. take care, hon. i appreciated your input on drowning mona! it's nice to know what other people thought of that. and don't get defensive or anything, i just wanted to say that as a little food for thought.. talk to y'all later! Susi

-- Susi-Q (, March 31, 2000.

Thanks for the help. I go a tad bit crazy every once in a while for stars....for some reason I go crazy over 70s teen idols the most...and I am only 16 and that is not good b/c most of them are in their forties and 50s wah!! but I know that I can't fall too deep....Thanks. I just want to let you ALL know that I found a small pic of Casey in the new Seventeen Magazine and I scanned it and it is now a bigger pic b/c I got it scanned. Well Email me if you want it!! Vicki

-- Vicki Jensen (, April 01, 2000.

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