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*I rant now* Ok, it's the year 2000, is the general public ready to appreciate this show now, and the characters, and the plots, and the styles, and the weirdness, and the complexity, and all the things we know are GOOD about this show? I think if they would make an animated movie and promote the hell out of it, alot of younger people would want to see it. Then they could make more episodes for MTV or Cartoon Network or someone could pick it up and it could be BIG!

-- Stonce (, March 21, 2000


Eh, let me clarify: not to promote the movie to death, but promote it correctly. Just how this would be done i don't know. And by *younger people* i mean people under 35 (sorry if i offend any old-schoolers:P

-- Stonce (, March 21, 2000.

The only reason Hollywood makes movies out of TV shows is to cash in on their popularity. MTV tried to make a fad out of Aeon Flux, and failed. That's why the movie was cancelled, and that's why there will never be one (IMHO). But Aeon shall return, in one form or another...

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (, March 21, 2000.

Wow... I notice that all of you who actually respond to a person like "STAN" are playing right into his hands. Could it be that he is actually inteligent enough to minipulate all of you so called "intelectual" AEON FLUX fans into arguing with him. Stan is just a lonely pathetic sole who just wants some attention, and all of you (u know who u r) who are stupid enough to respond to him are just pleasing him and his disturbing needs.

Ignore him and his non intelligent comments, is what I'm trying t

-- john (, March 29, 2000.

What do you mean it's just a tv show???

-- Barb e. (, April 01, 2000.

Hey Chaos Knight, if you're going to delete Stan's comments then delete everybody else's comments about him too, don't leave 2 messages intact or no-one will know what we're talking about.

Just a friendly reminder...

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (, May 03, 2000.

Actually I thought he was deleting the references Kiru and I made to Frostbite being God of the site, (basically made on Easter,) maybe it was a little blasphemous....

-- Barb e. (, May 04, 2000.

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