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First of all, I think it is ridiculous that some people think its funny to submit rude, ignorant, and completely innappropriate comments on this website. I am sure Casey pops online from time to time (in fact I know he does) and do you think that he for ONE INSTANT wants to come back here after reading some of the crap that gets submitted here. I mean, come on, like "is it true that Ben and Casey are gay together?"-- and "is it true that Casey has one testicle that is bigger than the other?"-- Where do you people get this shit from?- How completely ~LAME~!

-- *Me* (, March 21, 2000


Me, Thanks for the email. You know it. How dumb are these people. Misery loves company and they should start a suppport group. So what is there problem if we come here. I like the idea of talking to people I dont know. And at least here I can at least put a face with one of them. Haven't they ever wanted to do something sort of silly for fun before. What is life without silly?


-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 21, 2000.

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