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This player supports DVD/SVCD/VCD and has 5.1 digital and analogue outputs. Has anyone got one ? Have you tried making a VCD to white book standards (or SVCD) and do CD-R and CD-RW play okay ? Comments appreciated ;-)

-- Guy Nicholson (, March 21, 2000


Is this a new model? I've the DVC302D three disc tray system with 5.1 decoder output. It'll play anything you put into it. I've played VCD & SVCD on this model.

-- lnguyen (, March 22, 2000.

Is this a new model? I've the DVC302D, and it will play any media you put into it.

-- (, March 22, 2000.

You can see it on

Range:DVD player, Model: DV-K302CD. It's available in the stores here in Singapore. Performance seems good but rather large in size. Does the 3 in 1 tray work well ?

-- Guy Nicholson (, March 22, 2000.

I bought one for 720SIN$. Excellent. It plays DVD/VCD, VCD as CD-R, VCD as CD-RW (HP media). The three tray works well, although a bit slow. Once one disc has finished, it automatically looks for the next disc. The specifications explicitly say SVCD support (Video MPEG-2). The image quality is similar to RealMagic Pro decoder card in my PC. I recommend!

-- Guy Nicholson (, March 26, 2000.

I've got it! But I'm livin' in Germany. And the player has regioncode 1 !!! And Now I would like to know how to manipulate the Region Code Lock????? Regioncode 2 = europe

-- ken Masters (, December 21, 2000.

A friend of mine has this machine and it does play a lot of different vcd media very well, however, it will not handle mpeg layer 2 audio decoding, this mpeg stills with music or photo album with music will not play and will be garbled. There is a new version of this unit that is a 5 disc changer, maybe they have corrected this problem


-- Tygrus (, December 22, 2000.

i brought mine for around £300 from pakistan.The dvd player plays all sorts of cds that i have put in. it plays all regions and plays copied cds perfectly.

-- Faisal Mahmood (, April 08, 2001.

Hi, I have it (Region code 2) and would like to play Region 1 DVDs Anyone knows the hack ? Ciao, André

-- André Chapuis (, December 29, 2001.

Beside all that, is there anyone know where to buy the remote control for the Pioneer DV-K302 CD? My newphew just threw it in the trash and i couldn't recover it... The suck thing is i can not turn off the vocal when i played karaoke DVD... Any information would be appreciate. thanks.

-- kevin (, February 05, 2003.

Is there anybody knows how to modify region code for this DVD player? Any help will be appreciate.

-- Nathan Hu (, October 24, 2003.

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