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I go to Toys R US and spend a $100 on Nintendo Games. I pay for the transaction with my VISA card.

Who gets compensated? How?

What got moved? Who released it? Who accepted it?

Answers go under each component:




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Infrastructural Capital is at http://www.hubley.com/quote/craig-hubley/on/instructional-capital.htm

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2000



Critt's belief in the brand equity of Nintendo and its Game Developers.

Critt's confidence in his ability to return goods to Toys R US if they don't work.

VISA clearing system's confidence that Critt is under his limit, which expresses VISA's confidence that Critt will pay his VISA bill.

Toys R Us' confidence that Critt or his kids will enjoy the Nintendo and Games too much to return them

Toys R Us' confidence that the Nintendo and Games will work together.

Nintendo's confidence that the Games produced to their specifications and test regimes, will work, and won't offend Critt's family enough to prompt a return to Toys R Us.


Critt deciding that he should spend his next US$100 on some new games. (this transaction doesn't end until this urge goes away, either by new games arriving or new ideas occuring)

Critt's creation of a list of games, based on reviews in magazines or by friends, or just remembering names of games his kids or their friends are screaming for. (this transaction doesn't end until they stop screaming).

Critt's selection of games, based on the cover and Nintendo compatibility label, off the shelf (this transaction doesn't end until Critt returns them to the shelf, pays for them, or manages to shoplift them without getting caught).

Critt's handing over his VISA at the counter, to the Toys R Us clerk. (this transaction doesn't end until Critt leaves the store with the goodies)

Toys R Us clerk swiping the VISA through the merchant-account verifier or keying in the number or phoning it in, or just accepting it on sight. (this transaction doesn't end until the authorization is returned)

VISA merchant account provider (bank) recognizing Toys R Us account, Critt VISA number, and checking whether both accounts are in order. Authorization returned, we assume.

(optional) Critt running out the door with the games while his stolen or busted VISA card is being unauthorized.

Critt handing the games to the kids who jam them into the Nintendo.

Nintendo slot, jammed full of a peanut butter sandwich, either fails to accept the new game, or does so. And either runs it, or fails to.

The kids like the game, or they don't.

Critt returns the game, or he doesn't.

Toys R Us restocks the game, or they don't.

Nintendo pulls the game developer's license to make games, or not.

Nintendo stays in business against Sega and Sony and PCs, or they don't.


Happy or unhappy kids

Critt US$100 poorer, or having wasted some time or (optional) in jail.

Toys R Us with US$100 in revenue, reported for the pleasure of their stockholders

VISA and bank paid service fees. Their employees and technology providers paid.

Toys R Us employees and landlord(s) paid.

Nintendo game developers and suppliers paid. Stockholders happy.

Nintendo itself paid. Japanese people nodding happily, like the kids.

Nintendo's own developers and suppliers paid.

Alan Greenspan nods happily as US consumer activity shows a slight blip.

"Thank you for your time. We hope you'll tell your friends about your experience at EINsite."

Don't be a smartass.

"Only actions that further the question"


Infrastructural Capital is at http://www.hubley.com/quote/craig- hubley/on/instructional-capital.htm

No, infrastructural capital is *required to make any use of* http://www.hubley.com/quote/craig- hubley/on/instructional-capital.htm

Now, tell me how the inputs and outputs above break down as styles of capital, smartass.

Quiz, indeed.



-- Anonymous, March 20, 2000

Now, tell me how the inputs and outputs above break down as styles of capital, smartass.

Ok, I will... :-)

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2000

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