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I have an opportunity to purchase a 1972 Gandolfi Mahogany / Brass finish with 5x7 adapter. The price is not yet fixed but should be a little more than a new Tachiara 8x10. The problem I can see so far is that the shortest lens this camera takes is a 150 mm. The Tachiara can take a 90 and would allow me to use a 110 XL on 5x7 films. In the other hand, the Tachi has maximum bellows of 550 and the Gandolfi has 650. I am more interested in nice pictures than in nice cameras, although having both is quite acceptable! Any thought that would help me make my choice is welcome!

-- Paul Schilliger (, March 20, 2000


PAUL!!! JUMP on that critter like a BIG DOG!!!

Man, them's NICE cameras.

Seriously, they have limited rear moves, they give rear swing & tilt sortta like a Linhoff Tech. The have base tilt of course, but anything else is kinda funky. Also the front moves are kinda limited shift is executed on the lens board, etc.

If practicallity is your primary criteria, the Tachi may be better. However, it's difficult if not impossible to get the quality of finish, construction, materials, etc. of a Gandolfi at less than Deardorff prices.

-- Sean yates (, March 20, 2000.

The maximum bellows problem can be worked around by using an extension lensboard. It is easier to work with than a recessed board which sounds like your only option with one body if you want to use a wider lens. If you like wide angle work or see it in the future you might be better off with a lens that will work with the wider lenses. With the Schneider 72XL available, I wouldn't want to be without the ability to use it if you ever decide you need to.

-- Dan Smith (, March 20, 2000.

Paul, I should have asked, is that the triple extensin Tachi or the double? Is the Gandolfi an 8 X 10 or a 5 X 7.

-- Sean yates (, March 20, 2000.

Thanks Sean. The Tachy I mentioned was the double. Gandolfi is a 8x10 with reducing back.

-- Paul Schilliger (, March 21, 2000.

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