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A student asked by e-mail the following question, which may be of interest also to others:

"Dear Prof.Schroeder,

I understand that we are finishing up chapter 10 dealing with change in energy and it relationship with thermodynamics. However, I am curious to know what part of that section will be on our next test. In addition, please may I know if ch.11 included. Because the word around is that you will no be teaching ch.11 and will be studied independently. Overall, what would be covered on our last mid-term before our final. Your kind help and guidance through this time is very help full to me. Thank you,


I answered the following:

"Dear ....

our discussion of free energy etc went beyond the book, as you know from class and the lecture notes. So. just the book chapter would hardly be enough. In addition, you were supposed to have self-studied already electro-chemistry and are now reading kinetics, which we will cover this week. That subject is covered in Ch. 15 of the book. By the time of X3, we might have had some quantum mechanics as well. So, it is a relatively broad range of topics that could appear on the next exam.

I hope, you are on top of it!

Best regards,

W. Udo Schrvder"


-- Anonymous, March 20, 2000

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