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I have the Panasonic DVD/Video CD/CD Player DVD-A120U. It says it will not play CD-RW and CD-R. When I play a CD-RW I get a disc type not valid message. When I play a CD-R (with blue or green burn side) I get a no disc message. I was wondering if CD-Rs with the silver burn side will work, and are there any brands here in the USA that sell silver burn side CD-Rs.


-- Mike (, March 20, 2000


If you are serious about creating VCDs ditch that Panasonic immediately because it will never ever recognize any CD-R media whatever the brand, model, or color. You just might get away with CD- RW media but you will have to buy/try many different brands/models to find what that Panasonic will recognize, and even then, I bet only once out of ten times on the same. The ONLY DVD set-top brands at the moment that can reliably recognize CD-R/CD-RW are Pioneer and Philips, and only the latest models. It might do you good to check and re-check entries on the matter under playing CD-R in this forum because this subject has been expounded on over and over it's ready to scream.

-- EMartinez (, March 21, 2000.

I have a Panasonic A120 and I have found that Memorex CD-RW Platimum disks work every time.

-- Dave (, March 28, 2000.

Thanks Dave you were right on the money. I made my first VCD that works in my DVD yesterday. Memorex Platium worked like a charm!

-- Mike (, April 12, 2000.

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