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My Saab V4 -75 sounds like a small workshop when i run it over 2000rpm. The sound seems to come from the front of the engine. It sounds like someone hits it with a hammer every rev. Think it could be the waterpump? or?

-- Kim To (, March 20, 2000


Kim, Listening to a v4 is part of the art of driving them. I assume this is a new sound. Might be the fan bearing. Test by removing the fan belt and briefly running the engine. Fan won't turn, hence bearing won't make the noise if this is the culprit.

Have you ruled out valves?

Is the fanbelt tight? Could it be coming from the alternator?

Good luck with your quest. Come back and tell us what happened!


-- Dennis O'Connor (, March 20, 2000.

I have found out what it was! It is the balance shaft that drives the fan belt. The shaft is all lose! the ballbearings seems to have gone away somewhere, probably down in to the oil..=) and the bakelite-gear is torn down. wonder where i can get a new one?..

-- Kim Tvrmdnen (, March 21, 2000.

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