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I wonder how many times you have been asked this question, but I am in school so I don't have time to check out and see. Do you have a girlfriend, what are your requirements and does a none celeb (Cute though) have a chance with you? Girls don't attack me with this one, It is just a question? Hope to here from ya,, Anastacia

-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 19, 2000


i'll attack you for being stupid enough to think he reads this board on a regular basis - if at all- much less that he's actually going to answer you.

-- blah blah (, March 20, 2000.

Again with you....Does it make you feel better??? Do you even research your smart ass comments because answers were posted yesterday??? Well I hope your life is not as miserable as your attitude toward other is.. I hope you have a wonderful week. I know you kept me smiling.

-- Stacey Cassetta (, March 20, 2000.

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