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If we don't start talking in this thing we're going to get a verbal reprimand from Alex. I'll try to get the ball rolling.

Is anyone else a little concerned about Molly buying a house with Mark? I'm sure it looks different from Molly's angle but from what she's posted I get the impression that their relationship is good, but not at the "Let's own property" stage. Maybe it's just my inherent uncertanity about the future (I have a hard time owning pets, let alone a house) or maybe I'm just a little jelous. What do you all think?

-- mxstone (mxstone@zippercheck.com), March 19, 2000


the house thing

I really wish molly would make the effort to write entries more often. it seems the journal world in general is slacking these days.

i agree with you, that this situation sounds iffy -- the bedtime thing really bothers me. molly is an adult, she should go to bed when she wants, and her fiance shouldn't nag her about it. he's not her daddy.

unless the house is just going to be bought by one or the other of them, i think it's a bad idea, too.. i mean it hasn't been that long. for the love of god, rent.

(you don't have to tell me, i know, it's a bitch in boston)


-- mo (emtavano@earthlink.net), March 21, 2000.


Actually, Mark is the one who's buying, it'll be just in his name. His parents are the ones putting up most of the money. I'll just be helping with the mortgage. In a few years, once my debts have been paid down a bit, we plan to refinance.

And I do apologize for not writing lately - it's not for lack of desire. I've been very busy at work. No time to goof off at all at this new job. I'm waiting for IT to give me the peripherals I need for this laptop so I can post from home.


-- Molly Zero (mollyzero@diarist.net), March 22, 2000.

house + marriage = commitment

Personally, I think Molly probably knows what she's getting herself into. We all need to make our own decisions and reap whatever consequences there are..be it good or bad. I'm sure she's adult enough to handle it either way, and to know what's right or wrong for her. I think the underlying question here deals more with commitment. This generation seems to have issues with that. Everybody's waiting until later in life to make the usual commitments (ie: marraige, house, kids, etc), I mean, some of us have a hard enough time taking care of a dog, much less all that other gunk. I say if Molly has the courage to jump into it, more power to her.

-- Alex (alexatelier@earthlink.net), March 23, 2000.

re: house + marriage

I know she's an adult and it's nice she's able to commit. That doesn't necessarily mean she should though, particularly given the things we could call warning signs. What the rest of the generation does is irrelevent.

I assume there's more good than bad going on here, and obviously Molly knows better than me, but remember they've been dating less than a year (I think?) and aren't living together full-time.

I dunno, it's not my problem but it bugs me. My concern is that her intended is one of those people who does have a hard enough time taking care of a dog.

-- mo (emtavano@earthlink.net), March 27, 2000.

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