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I created a video project in premiere but I need to make it VCD complient. Does anybody know the exact settings for exporting?

-- fernando torre (, March 19, 2000


I just used 352x240 @ 29.97fps using no compression for the audio i use stereo at 44k or 22k

when thats done i feed the finished avi into xing encoder and it seems to work just fine hope that helps

-- matt (, March 20, 2000.

If your outputing in avi you might like to try an experiment that improves the quality of the vcd mpeg-1 file with premiere as the host.

Export in another codec other than the one you captured in. I use Intel 5.11 quite a bit for that purpose. Use 44 so that the encoder does not have to convert the 22 to 44 sound. And for a VCD use "no fields" as the output option. However you may not like the extra time that all requires.

If your using the Panasonic stand alone encoder the quality can be better if you resize to an intermediate intel size like 512 x 384 (16 divides equally into both) and then allow the encoder to go the rest of the way to a vcd compliant file.

This method gives better quality than using the Panasonic encoder as a plugin for Premiere, its a poor host and that applies to other plugin mpeg-1 encoders for it as well. This method also reduces the likely hood of blockiness when you play it back on the computer.

Quality depends on how you use the system to advantage and who cares if its an overnight encode or resize? The key to a lot of VCD problems is, like it or not, the Panasonic encoder.

-- Ross McL (, March 20, 2000.

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