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I recently started to try to make VCDs to play on my Pioneer DV-414 DVD player and am running into a problem. The video picture is ok, but the sound is broken up it keeps cutting in and out (split second of sound followed by split second of silence) the sound seems to be following the video but just not continuous. I recorded the VCD on a Smart and Friendly 6x4x24 CD Turbowriter using Nero The source material are mpg files from enhanced CD's. I'm trying to copy the music videos so that I can watch them on my TV. From what I can see so far the picture quality is pretty good only sound problems.

Thanks, Craig

-- Craig (, March 19, 2000


Hey Craig,

Did you re-encode those mpeg files for proper vcd foramt, or do you mean you just lifted them from your cd then burned them? The audio might be set at different levels then a normal vcd would and that could be your problem. You might have to take these lifted files, re-encode it to vcd format and that should fix your problem

-- Doug (, March 19, 2000.

Actually i know what the problem is. Nero allows a higher bit rate for vcds in its program (a good thing). Its funny you just posted this, lastnight i got in touch with a friend of mine who i had made a highrate vcd for to test on his pioneer 414. He had the same problem as you, meaning the pioneer 414 cannot play a higher rate video cd. This is how it relates to your problem. Those clips on the cd you have, may be mpegs but were made using a higher bitrate then normal video cd. Normal vcd bitrate is 1150(for us US ntsc kids)anything over this is considered a higher rate vcd and your player will not play it. So like my first post said, take these files and re-encode them to the vcd format and your problem will go away.

-- Doug (, March 19, 2000.

Thanks for the response. What program can I use to re-encode the file format?

-- Craig (, March 20, 2000.

its probably the slowest, but definetly one of the best "Panasonic encoder"

-- Doug (, March 20, 2000.

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