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The new assistant we just hired was the most beatiful person I have ever seen.She had long blonde hair,and a really nice looking butt."So,this is your monster?Kinda ugly,ya know,"Tiffiny{Sorry about the spelling}said.That made Sunrise a little angry."Well,from my point of view,you look bad too,"He countered."Shut up you stupid monster,"Hmmm I better stop this."Cut it out you two,we have some training to do,"Sunrise sighed."Yes,sir!"Obviously Tiffiny was trying to be my favorite.

Anyway,back at the ranch,the anger between Sunrise and Tiffiny grew."How could you pick such a rude and ugly monster!"I was getting tired of this."Well I like him and if you don't just leave!"She was shocked."How dare you!I'm out here!"She ran off."Man,she was worse than colt,"Sunrise said."Yeah,let's just get back to training"I suggested.Another short chapter.Sorry,I have writer's block.

-- Pheonixtrainer (, March 18, 2000


I'm starting to like this I think you should continue

-- Mike Sugs (, March 22, 2000.

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