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Can anyone tell me the differences between the different "C" series Calumet 8X10 field cameras? In View Camera magizine I have seen advertised models "C", "C1", "C2". In pictures I have seen Calumet 8X10's that were black, blue, green, gray. Do the different models match up to the different colors?

-- Ron Lawrence (, March 18, 2000


Please check the archives under "Cameras". The only substantial difference is color and materials. Prior to 1972 or so, all green/turquise cameras were magnesium and therefore lighter than the aluminum green/turquoise and aluminum black ones. The multiple C designations are actually in error, the C-2 is a rollfilm back.

-- Sean yates (, March 18, 2000.

Ron, I just purchased a Black Calument "C" series and from what I've gathered so far from the folks here is that it is an aluminum C-3. I also read where some one just said they had a black aluminum one and it was a C-1. On my 8X10 It says Calument in one place and C in another but nowhere does it specify the term C-1, or C-3. Also while we are on the subject of the Calument "C" series 8X10 camera, does any one know what other 6" lens boards will fit this camera besides an original Calument? Sorry if I did not give you more info on this camera Ron.

-- Dan Kowalsky (, March 19, 2000.


The Calumet will take standard 6" X 6" round cornered, or radiused lens boards, like the Deardorff. It will also handle the square cornered ones, but of course you have to trim 'em a bit.

Right Sheldon?

-- Sean yates (, March 19, 2000.

That's correct.

-- sheldon hambrick (, March 20, 2000.

Lensboards, replacement groundglass and some parts are still available from Calumet, fwiw.

-- John Hicks (, March 20, 2000.

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