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ok,last time,Colt quit,and Leone learned that he was made for here is a little more: It was a beatiful morning.I decided that today I was heading back to the assoc. to get a new assistant.But first,I had to ask Sunrise about it."hey Sunrise,do you wanna come with me to get the new assistant,or do you not want to get another one?"I asked."Sure,I'll go.But can we eat first?"He responded."sure.I'm guessing you want cup jelly,right?" I headed to the shed.

After breakfast,me and Sunrise started out on the long walk to town. "Well,Sunrise,why were you at the building when I came?I figured you would wanna be a free person,uh,I mean monster,"I questioned."Well,out on the streets,I was having a hard time getting food,and I was really lonely,"I felt sympathy for him."well,it seems that we were made for each other,"I said happily."yeah,it's kinda weird though,"He started."Why?"I was puzzled."Well,I used to hate humans.They were always praising some spoiled monsters,or trying to look all fancy,and it almost made me sick,"he continued,"But when I saw you,you had this look in your eyes,and I had a feeling you were the trainer for me,"I felt loved.I then noticed we were in front of the building."Let's find a new assistant!"

"o,hello Leone,how are you?"Kara asked."Fine,but my assistant got all mad and quit,"she stared."How terrible,well how about this one?"I saw a beatiful blonde girl."Hi I'm tiffiny,your new assistant," Sorry this chapter wasn't as long,but hey,was it as good as chap.1?

-- Pheonixtrainer (, March 17, 2000

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