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"come on,I don't have all day,"I said impatiently."Leone!Sorry to keep you waiting,I had trouble evaluating your type test,Please follow me,"The head of the association for new trainers,Kara,said. "the following monsters have been selecting for your personality,"A screen showed a small monster."this is a Hare."the screen flickered."This is a mocchi,"I looked at looked like a dessert we used to have back home."uh,that one kinda appetising..."She ignored me and hit a button."this is a Tiger,"She continued.It looks more like a wolf to me,I thought."now there is one other,but there is a problem with it..."the screen changed."a Metalner,"She seemed to be finished. "Well,what's wrong with it?"I asked."it has a bad nature.even master trainers have problems with it,"I was having trouble deciding."well,let me meet them in person,the one who likes me the most is the one I'll keep,"what an idea,I thought."ok monsters,who wants to stay with this human?"the monsters looked at me.Well,all except for the meltaner.the hare and the tiger walked up and sniffed me.they shook their heads and turned around.The mocchi walked up and had the same reaction."Hmmmm..hey meltaner!what about you?"It looked at me.I think it then realized that was the only trainer that would take it or something."ok,why not,I want outta here anyway,""ok,then lets go,"Kara walked on and gestured me to follow."Hey Colt,I found our monster!"Colt looked at me."well it is sorta cute.."Metalner looked insulted."of course it's cute,don't joke like that!"that was the right thing to say,metalner looked happy."Well,what should we name it?"she asked."How about you call me...Sunrise?"Colt looked surprised at the fact it could talk."Fine by me,"I agreed.Later,at the rancher,we had to decide what to feed it."Well,sunrise,what do you want to eat?"Sunrise looked at me."maybe some cup jelly,"I went to the supply shed."ok here you go,"He grabbed it."This is pretty good.So Leone,when do I start my training?"He inquired."how about now?"I responded.First,me and colt decided to train him in power.He excelled in that stat."This is actually kinda fun," he responded."ok now let's train in some skill,"I suggested."I'd rather train in speed,"He said."ok,but you won't alaways get your way,"I added.Not much happened that day.until it was time to go to bed anyway."Ok sunrise time to go to bed,"Colt informed him."Whatever,"I began to notice he didn't like Colt."I think I'll just head to Leone's room and go to sleep,"He started to walk away.I stopped him."But I thought you knew you had to sleep in the shed?"Colt corrected.Sunrise gave me a look I can't really explain.That look showed that he liked me a lot and wanted to alaways be near me."well just let him for a while,he won't hurt anything,"Colt stared at me."Ok,that's it,I'm tired of being shunned and disobeyed!If that metalner doesn't leave by tommorrow,I quit!"I didn't know what to do."Well then I guess you're leaving tommorrow then.I like Sunrise,and maybe he just isn't for you,"That made Sunrise very happy."I don't beleive you!I'm not gonna stay in the same house as you or your stupid monster!"Colt was mad."Well,I guess your sleeping in the barn then!"Sunrise added.Colt started to kick him.I got in front of him."Then just leave,if you are gonna act like this,we don't want your here,"I headed to my room.Sunrise was right behind me."Well,III didn't like it here anyway!"She ran off down the street towards the town."Well,sunrise,I guess you get her room... So what do you like so far?Is it stupid,good,or what?

-- Pheonixtrainer (, March 17, 2000


i love it.

-- legendary master moo (, March 31, 2000.

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