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Chemical strike causes rush to petrol stations

Story Filed: Friday, March 17, 2000 10:30 AM EST

MAR 17, 2000, M2 Communications - There was reportedly a rush to Finnish petrol stations yesterday (16 March) when it was confirmed that there would be a strike in the chemical industry.

Petrol supplies are likely to run out if the strike lasts long -- it has been estimated that the current stocks will last between two and three weeks. Neste, a Finnish chemicals group, has however estimated that the petrol stations will run out of petrol in about a week, while the petrol may run out as soon as within a few days in the southern parts of the country.

Separately, Finnair has said that it will take long before the carrier is affected by the strike because as much fuel as possible will be bought abroad while the strike lasts, which means that the fuel stored in Finland will last longer.

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