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The other night I stayed up for hours trying to figure out this file, has anyone else noticed that on the page AEON FLUX FAN LETTERS one of the letters is typed by the same cheap typewriter that Principal Agent Euphemia uses, it is signed Gekman III, he is obviously in love with Aeon. Is Euphemia really Gekman, did he play the double agent and warn her of Trevor's plan? I'm wondering if that's how she equipped herself for the, shall we say, onslaught.

-- Barbara E. (, March 16, 2000


By the way, did I mention I was refering to the Herodotus file?

-- Barbara E. (, March 17, 2000.

To Mark Mars;

Did you write the Herodotus File? If Principal agent Euphemia a jealous lover? (if not, don't worry I try for this answer on an annual basis).

-- Barb e. (, November 16, 2001.

OK : I STILL have YET to make good on my promise to an earlier thread to dredge from the sediment of my blasted archives the original script I wrote for the title sequence to the final, series-season of AE/F; I've yet to do it and prostrate myself in debauch of utter unspeakable throes of swooning abandon and without reservation soever: if I may be permitted due submission of apoplexies -- OH OH I MEAN apologiesapologies --

Ah, that is to solicit but one very last trifle of all everlovin' suffrage per extenuating circumstance TO WIT:

YOU MEAN TO TELL ME ERIC'S BEEN HERE FROM GODDESS SHOULD KNOW -- only never to render any followup for satisfaction to this most-delicious opportunity to elaborate clarification (to in fact engage FURTHER CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT, for any intents +/nor purposes and to any/all events)??

Singer GTFO/L - You want me to tell these people how many more times than I should hazard any conservative estimate of , that you solicited any last spent iota of my gracious indulgences for your laggard, procrastinate failures to our deadlines for this project!! How repeatedly did you - with shameless ingratiations - prevail to appeal to me to duly undertake on immediate contingency and without any warning a seemingly incessant repeated series of your unfinished page-assignments, beyond fringes of furthest-flung removes beyond all recognition of any common degree of regard or expectation of common courtesy??

And, yet - to top it off - this has managed to evince itself here yet again by way of this EGREGIOUS, present example to our immediate attentions of your DERELICTITUDE now precipitating THIS: in fact what is (INCREDIBLE) a case of GENUINE, PERPETUANNUATED INATTENTION to post so much as a word to speak to so simple a matter here for our purposes??!! MONSTER!! I should FLAME you UNRELENTINGLY as merest token unto decency as-yet as overdue at all yet so remiss!!!!

Aw, c'mon Eric though. Comrade! You can't have been THAT BUSY. Unlees maybe you're now of late given to handling your own business correspondence yourself. But no matter - I can look this one up also .

My pleasure I mean I'm only alarmed I don't happen off-hand to remember - I ONLY CO-AUTHORED THE GODDAMNED THING . I mean it's been a while yeah but , shit !

Let me get back to this and to the Titles.

-- dangerboy (, November 16, 2001.

Wow! Paydirt! I might actually find out someday? The Herodotus file was a masterpiece of spy-love/intrigue. Yes he was here, and he talked a lot about the File, but he didn't want to tip your hand as to the secrets of the plot.

-- Barb e. (, November 16, 2001.

Okay: I'm MAD.

I'm mad & I'm jealous of Eric Singer. RE: DOSSIERS>/F>#Hs: Keep pulling up soft RE: but there's TO Fk'ING MANY OF THEM!! Which one is O/S. Do you have some sort of idea how many Operatives Sets were intrarun and redecollated before that psyop was even ready for AZMO? Coz I sure don't! I just find it suspicious. I don't even remember what happened. Something's just so wrong. Plus you know I have been off of television for almost 20 years - save for a couple binges.! You know? I mean I know I'm just thicking I'm paranoid. I'm not just myself anymore, that's all I don'tWHYISTHERENOAIRINHERE

-- dangerboy (, November 17, 2001.

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