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Hi! Could anyone please help me do an analysis of the poem contained in the short story, " The House of Usher"? I believe that it's tittle is " The haunted Palace" but I need to get a grasp of it's meaning, style and themes. I don't quite understand the story itself, so it make anaylsis of this poem especially hard. What is Poe getting at when he included this poem? Is this standard style for him? Any help would be greatly apprieciated!! Thank-you, Claire

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2000


well, my teacher said it was describing the house itself She even drew it , i was barly paying atttention to her, but i remember her saying that the house was a symbol, a face, (perhaps the king's face) remember the door of the house, was describe as ruby with pearls--meaning the mouth, yellow flags was the hair of the king, the windows--which was blue--which was filled with music -was the eyes meaning the king's wisdom was sung or heard he represented logic and reasoning (the Enlightment era)

Now the king is dead, and so is logic now the house is now dilapidated, the windows are now red--th eyes-- which may symbolize the pandemonium that is happening, since logic is gone there is now chaos remember there is crack in the house which can be interpreted as the downfall of the house

I know the house symbolize a face, because my teacher professor said so

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2000

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