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Headache tablet recall after poisoning

Source: AAP | Published: Friday March 17, 3:03 AM

A special police task force today began investigating the tampering of a batch of Herron headache tablets after a father and son were hospitalised with strychnine poisoning.

A nationwide recall of all paracetamol tablets and capsules manufactured by the Brisbane-based company has been ordered.

Queensland Police said extortion demands in 'various forms' had also been made on the company.

Police media spokesman Brian Swift said the two people affected were in a stable condition.

Swift said the two people in hospital had purchased tablets from a supermarket at Kenmore in Brisbane's west.

"Not long afterwards they were admitted to different hospitals," Swift said.

The victims linked their illness to the paracetamol and their family later contacted Herron, who advised police of the suspected poisoning.

Swift said no threats had been made against Herron but there had been demands for money before the poisoning incident.

"It's almost definitely an extortion for money," he said.

Herron have released a hotline number - 1800 771133 - for concerned customers.

The company's marketing manager Garth McDonald said all paracetamol capsules, tablets and tapsules would be recalled and destroyed.

"Our concern is also to get people out of harms way," he said.

McDonald said this was the first time the company had been subjected to product tampering.

"We will be cooperating with police in trying to find out who's responsible for this," he said.

-- (, March 16, 2000

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