Web Chat 3/16/00 Summary

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I had a moment, so I thought I would summarize some of the points brought up in the web chat today. Dan & Wayne will probably be adding more later.

1.Who was there: Dan, Wayne & myself participated. Kevin got bumped due to powerfailure. Ron's Netscape woudln't work and was downloading explorer and participating over the phone thru me. Steph also had technical problems.

2. I tried to get a transcript of the chat, but it doesn't look like ecircles allows you to do that.... So if we really want that, we may have to find another chat room...... Plus there were things said, that probably shouldn't be repeated....:-)))))

3. We all seem to be on the same page generally, as far as what we are about.... fellow travelers, trying to find out how to walk this relational church life we have been called to, and share what tidbits we have with others, and be open to receive tidbits from them.

4. Wayne wanted us to count the cost as far as time commitment and were we ready to invest the time to really do this thing... Ron suggested more prayer.

5. Wayne feels we need both static and dynamic content on the site to be a viable site.

6. We talked about using our bulletin board for part of that dynamic content... Picking one topic per month, with different people watching over the topic... and could help generate some material for articles on the site as wel.. The bulletin board could be more easy to moderate than a mailing list, as bad posts can be immediately deleted, and/or sent back to poster for editing suggestions, and there is a record of the discussion. I think this would be a good idea to get going with right away...

7. We talked about collaboratively writing a short piece on who we are. Ron mentioned the act of writing it together would be part of the journey of us forming good relationships together.... I have a starting piece I sent to everyone a few months ago, and I think Ron or Jessop put in some ideas to, I will try to retrieve them, and get them on a topic on the bulletin board, and Wayne will be working on that as well.

Well those are some high points, and I need to get back to work. Dan and Wayne.... Please add what you r

-- Barry Steinman (barry@discountchristian.com), March 16, 2000

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